Hello! I’m Christian Keil.

Son to Dave and Jenny, brother to Evan and Kelly. Graduate and life-long super-fan of the University of Michigan. (God Bless Jim Harbaugh.) Amateur writer, singer, traveler, marathoner, skier, pick-up basketball point guard, meditator, climber, coach; professional Harry Potter enthusiast.

In “real life,” I am currently applying to graduate MBA programs and working as an Innovation Consultant at Deloitte; I am a contributing scholar at State of Formation, an interfaith dialogue publishing house; and I moonlight as Quant-Nerd-in-Residence for Tuesday Strategies, a startup that works with campaigns to get out the Millennial vote.

To say hi, call me (beep me) by email, tweet, LinkedIn, or Facebook. If you find yourself in Chicago, give me a holler.