Hello, Internet!

My name’s Christian.


Son to Dave and Jenny, brother to Evan and Kelly. Graduate and life-long super-fan of the University of Michigan. I love Harry Potter, karaoke, and Mentos, and I’m deeply suspicious of mannequins. (What do they want?)


MBA at Berkeley-Haas with Deloitte sponsorship; Quant-in-Chief at Tuesday Strategies, a political startup working to improve Millennial turnout in federal elections; Cryptocurrency nerd/investor: Bitcoin (01/2015), Ethereum (08/2016), and [Random Altcoins].


I wrote my first full-length book in 2015 — Agnostic-ish: My Search for Faith in a Scientific World — and today, I mostly write essays for fun. I post everything here, and the best stuff on Medium.


In my free time, I am a marathoner, skier, pick-up basketball point guard, meditator, climber, debater, and traveler.

I also picked up singing in college and play mediocre guitar/piano. Short-term goal: perform at a Sofar Sounds concert; long-term goal: own, operate, and perform at my own dueling piano bar.

To say hi, beep me via email, tweet, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Snapchat (licensetokeil). And of course, if you find yourself on the Best Coast, give me a holler.