My Search for Faith in a Scientific World

This is a book about science, religion, and the world in between.

I was born into a Christian family, but fell out of religion and in love with the scientific method. I had little need of faith, I thought, when science could tell me so much more about the world – and ask so little of me in return.

But as I aged into young adulthood, a new chapter of my story began. Did I really know why I believed what I believed? How could I be so certain of my convictions when I hadn’t even honestly considered the evidence?

This book traces my journey through psychology, biology, physics, and belief. Could I find a place for faith in the modern world? Or was I right to cast it off as I did?

I self-published the first edition of this book on April 9, 2016, my 25th birthday. Physical and gluten-free copies still available.