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(A) Millennial Political Philosophy: Part One – Values

It would be a fool’s errand to attempt to define one “Millennial mindset,” because Millennials are the most diverse generation in America. But that question – what do Millennials believe? – is important, and an answer might be approached by Millennials bringing forward our political beliefs to begin the dialogue on defining this newly-politicized generation.

Here, I’ll share my (budding) political philosophy. How’s that for an anti-click-bait opener?

Before you call me just another entitled, presumptuous, holier-than-thou Millennial, let me say this: Obama made me do it. From his farewell address:

This generation coming up – unselfish, altruistic, creative, patriotic – I’ve seen you in every corner of the country. You believe in a fair, just, inclusive America; you know that constant change has been America’s hallmark, something not to fear but to embrace, and you are willing to carry this hard work of democracy forward. You’ll soon outnumber any of us, and I believe as a result that the future is in good hands.

In 2014, only 17% of Millennials voted in the midterm elections. In 2016, only 30% of Millennials were contacted by a presidential campaign. And by 2020, Millennials will be the biggest voting bloc in America. That is an amazing power, and perhaps by defining what we value, we can wield it with the amazing responsibility that it deserves (Uncle Ben, ‘02).