Christian Keil

(Pronounced "Kyle.")

A few things to know about me:

I'm working to get the next four billion people online as the Chief of Staff at Astranis
I have degrees from the top two public schools in the country (Michigan and UC Berkeley); which school takes first place is up for debate
I spent four years as a management consultant at Deloitte in telecom strategy
I co-founded the Tuesday Company, whose software was used by campaigns in every red-to-blue congressional district in 2018
I founded Directly, a moonshot startup which was featured by the GSMA at Mobile World Congress before failing gloriously
Took this photo in Viñales Valley, Cuba.
Most surreal place I've ever visited in person.


You found my secret personal site.

Here are some things you won't find on my resume, but that make me... me:

  • My family is the bomb. We've collected some impressive acronyms (PhD, MBA, CEO, MD), but our friends know us as crazy Michigan football fans with matching tattoos.
  • My partner Maryli makes me too happy to describe. We live in Oakland and have an adorable pet bunny named Honey Butter ("Butta" for short).
  • I love singing. I started at Michigan with the Compulsive Lyres,  Men's Glee Club, and Friars. I recently joined a semi-professional chorus in SF, Fog City Singers.
  • I am an #avid writer. I wrote my first book, Agnostic-ish, on nights and weekends while consulting; I recently finished my second, Trust(less), and I'm actively pitching it to agents/publishers. If you know anyone interested in the future of technology in a post-trust world, hit me up!